Welcome to West Sound Triathlon Club

The West Sound Tri Club (WSTC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sport of triathlon, general physical fitness, and the representation of the sport of triathlon within Kitsap County and the greater Olympic Peninsula community.

Our mission is to serve triathletes of all abilities by offering support through contact with other athletes and the triathlon community as a whole. The West Sound Triathlon Club members' experience level ranges from first timer to professional. The club is here to support all levels of triathletes by offering training sessions, organized races, coached clinics, monthly meetings, social activities and more.

The club was founded in 2009 by local triathlon/multi-sport enthusiasts. Currently, group runs are held weekly at various local tracks and trails. Masters (or Coached) Swim sessions are held at the Bremerton YMCA and other local swimming pools. In the warmer months, the club meets at WildCat Lake for swims. During the winter, spin classes at local YMCAs and gyms are popular. After winter, weather permitting, almost-weekly member group rides are organized. Please check our facebook group to see current schedules.

Whether your goal is an Ironman or to compete your first Sprint, we invite you to join us -- get involved! Training is easier and more productive when you have collaboration and camaraderie!

There are a few ways to connect with the WSTC Club. The best way: show up at an event! WSTC Member Meetings are open to the public and held once a month and posted on the Facebook Group calendar. In addition, if you have a question for club members, you can post it on our Facebook Group Page (this is an Open Group with lively discussions occurring daily).

Keep swimming, biking, running, and PLAYING!

Reserve a Bike Travel Case

Contact Dave Goodwin to reserve any of the club's 3 bike travel cases. For WSTC Members only, please!

WSTC 2015 Board

Big thanks to our volunteer Board Members:

  • President, Suzie Simms
  • Immediate Past Presidents, Scott Sacchi and Rich Seibert
  • Vice-President, Kris Bartlett
  • Secretary, Leona Tupper Walters
  • Treasurer, Terry Taft-Harter
  • Membership, Sandra Jech
  • Wilder Hare Coordinator, Lori Weishar
  • Volunteer Coordinator, Courtney Clark
  • Apparel, June Blaser, Connie Murphy
  • Merchandise, James Blaser
  • Swim Chairs, Steve Peterson
  • Bike Chair, Ward Zauner
  • Run Chairs, Tim Bartlett
  • Website Admin, Anne Goodwin

Say thank you to a Board Member today for the many hours they put into making this club great!