Best Exercise to lose weight

The best exercises to lose weight are those where you spend more calories in less time such as running or swimming, but to lose weight efficiently and maintain results it is important to combine these exercises with muscle exercises that must be performed in the gym, preferably under the supervision of a personal trainer. Aerobic exercises such as walking and running increase the heart rate and burn more calories, while endurance exercises such as muscles favor muscle hypertrophy allowing an [Read more...]

Triathlon What is it and what types are there?

Are you thinking of dipping your toes into the Triathlon waters? It is one of the most beautiful and enriching sports activities, both mentally and physically. But there are many of us who don’t understand that one sport is enough. Types of triathlon according to distance traveled Classic or Olympic: 1,500 meters swimming, 40 kilometers of cycling and 10 kilometers running. Ironkid: is the category designed for the little ones. Super Sprint: As you may have imagined, with Super [Read more...]