Tips for Winter Running

Running at night is what kills me in the winters. Treadmill running (with tips we shared on another post) is a good alternative, but what if you want to go out and have some fresh air. This topic comes up every year with cooling temperatures. It is a reminder, unwelcomed, that winter is just around the corner. Even when it’s cold and dark out there, you don’t have to cut your runs. As long as you are well prepared, you can run in cold weather. Find Motivation to run in the [Read more...]

Tips for Treadmill Running

There’s often no choice but to hit the treadmill when the cold weather hits. Most of the time I’d rather run outside, even if it's cold, wet and dark. But if running paths get slippery and icy, I need to head to the treadmill. But the problem with the treadmill is, we get bored easily. And you know that when you are bored, everything seems to take twice as long! The Hamster Wheel So how to make things more interesting? After much dislike, I have finally made peace with the [Read more...]