A Hopping Good Time

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Sprint Triathlon held on Sep 10th was a great success, and fun. There were a few first time triathletes that completed their first race with a smile, others who competed well and set some personal records, and lots of volunteers who helped them along the way. If you were a participant, we thank you for joining us and hope that you enjoyed the beautiful day. If you were one of the many volunteers who helped with setup and everything, we owe you a big thank you – it couldn’t have been done without your help!!

Big thanks to these businesses that donated to this event. Thank you to our sponsors who help to make events like this possible.

It was great to have so many of us to participate as both racers and volunteers. Thank to members, who put in extra time planning and preparing for this event. Special thanks to the race director. Also, big thanks to members who not only spent hours planning and making signs, but also spent Saturday night at the park to keep our equipment safe. Thanks for going the extra mile. Thanks to members who organized a fund raiser so that we could buy a clock that was used for the first time that day!

If you have thoughts about how we can improve the event for next year, please let us know. Our goal is to keep the events going and make it more fun.

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