Staying healthier at the holiday season

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Happy Holidays!

I suppose we are not alone with the feeling that the holidays are ill-famed for delicious food habits, and unfortunately overwhelmingly unhealthy habits.

Some stuffing here, a few extra cookies there, some chocolate here. Before you know it, you have totally blocked the healthy food and exercise habits you’ve built up. You also guilt yourself into defaulting to your standard New Year’s Resolution, which is, doing something healthier.

We tried to avoid that route by laying out a few guiding principles for ourselves before this festive season:

  1. Make the time to work out. It can be a shorter routine than usual. The most important here is to keep you going.
  2. At meals, have the nutritious food first. You are more likely to fill up on that, and you need that much of those extra sweets. And avoid going to christmas parties too hungry.
  3. And lastly, The Healthy Eating Rule. Think, would you eat like this in months when you are preparing for a run? For example, would you eat some chocolate chip cookies and extra slices of pecan pie for dessert in May, when you are getting ready for summer season?. Answer is propably no. So think if it should be that same no now on the holiday season. That is to say, try to eat the way you usually do.

Of course, you can feast, but don’t go overboard, and get back to normal before New Year!

These are never entirely foolproof, but they have helped us through the holiday party feasts and other lures without jeopardizing any of the fun. And I’m happy to say that we can focus this year’s New Year’s Resolution on something else altogether. Such as maintaining a more active blog, this time.

Happy Holidays, All! And a wonderful new year!

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