Triathlon What is it and what types are there?

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Are you thinking of dipping your toes into the Triathlon waters?

It is one of the most beautiful and enriching sports activities, both mentally and physically. But there are many of us who don’t understand that one sport is enough.

Types of triathlon according to distance traveled

Classic or Olympic: 1,500 meters swimming, 40 kilometers of cycling and 10 kilometers running.

Ironkid: is the category designed for the little ones.

Super Sprint: As you may have imagined, with Super Sprint priority is given to speed versus endurance. The distances covered in this modality are 400 meters by swimming, 10 kilometers by bicycle and 2.5 meters by running.

Sprint: also known as half triathlon, presents a test of 750 meters to swim, 20 kilometers with bicycle and 5 running.

Distance B: its distances are marked in 2 kilometers swimming, 90 cycling and 20 running.

Long distance: it consists of traveling 4 kilometers by swimming, 120 by bicycle and 30 by foot. The hardest with Iron Man.

Iron Man: the hardest of all, hence its name (Man of Steel) and consists of walking 3.8 km by swimming, 180 by bicycle and 42.195 by foot.

Types of triathlon according to sports activities

Swimming is omitted and focuses on running and cycling. The standard distances are 10 kilometers running, 40 kilometers of cycling and another five kilometers of running.

Aquathlons are similar to triathlons, with the difference here being the lack of a cycling. In general it follows triathlon distances, but there is variability. There may be for example a race on foot, swimming and a second race on foot. The distances might be 5 kilometers running (in two sections of 2.5) and one intermediate of swimming of 1 kilometer.

Remember that this is a completely different sport and it is purely winter. We include it here so that it is clear to you. In this case, the distances range between 10-20 kilometers skiing for men and 7,5-15 for women. The ski is complemented with two or four shooting zones where the participant has to hit five targets to avoid being penalized. That is, it consists of cross-country skiing and shooting.

Winter triathlon
In this category, swimming is changed for cross-country skiing. The order to follow are 10 kilometers of running, 10 of mountain biking and 10 kilometers of cross-country skiing. It is perfect for lovers of mountain and snow.

As its name suggests, quadriathlon adds a fourth test that is canoeing. First they have to swim 2.5 kilometers, row 10, ride a bicycle another 50 and finally run 10 kilometers. A test that challenges the resistance of athletes over any other.

Paratriathlon: we imagine that you already guessed it by the name.

Where to sign up for a triathlon?

To practice this sport is not easy nor to train for it. If you decide to do it on your own you must have a lot of initiative and willpower, but if you sign up for a triathlon club there are clear advantages. It is easier to train because there are athletes with your same interests who share their experiences and can give you wise advice. In addition, you defend a clubs name, which hopefully motivates you in the competition, you learn faster and better, and healthy competitiveness is encouraged.

We’re not going to give you specific club names in this article, but it’s as easy as searching by Google from your area.

Types of clubs

What we are going to do is differentiate the three categories of clubs that you can find:

1.Competitive profile
They are clubs whose purpose is to form a competition team and attend championships. If you have high competitive aspirations, this is your type of club.

2. Recreational profile
These are clubs that seek to enjoy sport at the popular level and its members do not aspire to win races but to enjoy their hobby.

3. Mixed profile
They present two clearly differentiated sections, but which in turn are united. On the one hand, they form an elite team, which will attend competitions with the intention of enjoying them, and on the other a group of athletes who will have a good time with their favorite sport.

Our small club goes for the second option, recreational profile. That doesn’t mean we’re not serious about fitness, but more that we are not here to win the races and so.

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