Winter Is Coming

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Winter is coming, and the training doesn’t stop!

But think first this: if you’ve been riding, running or swimming a lot over the summer and fall, it’s a good idea to take a break before you start preparing for the new season.

So this is an excellent time to give a break to your body and mind, and if you have any injuries, this is the perfect time to heal them.

We have some exercise to keep our members fit and focused over the winter. Maintaining the strength and stamina over the winter period is essential. These sessions give members access to quality coaching where they can concentrate on refining their technique.

Each of the different core triathlon disciplines will get special attention. If you are weaker in one sport than the others, it can be tempting to give your time to your strengths, but working on weaknesses will be more useful.

You will get more out of winter training by adjusting your technique on a bike, run or swim than merely smashing out more mileage madly.

Strength training is a crucial part of progress. If you haven’t started this yet, or if you are just starting to make an attempt, it is time to really level this up.

Indoor training is the fastest way to progress. This is an excellent time to do some sessions on the treadmill or turbo trainer.

Training sessions also serve as a social outlet in the club. We have an opportunity to meet and train with one another. This is very important as training can often be quite a lonely pursuit as members try to fit exercise into their busy lives, especially nowadays with the economy as it is.

The new running and triathlon season 2019 approaches in a couple of months. Our current training system includes pool based swimming sessions, training sessions for indoor cycling, core training sessions to help develop general strength and fitness and running coaching sessions. And, weather permitting, Sunday afternoon (hopefully with some sun in the afternoon) is booked for group cycles. These sessions are all aimed to keep us motivated (more about motivation mindset in the next posts).

Winter training plans for triathlon:

Sustainable winter gear

If you want to continue to train outside, and if you are serious about off-season training, get the right gear. You will need warm clothing, and be prepared for wet weather.

Great stuff for getting you through the winter include touch screen gloves and a warm hat, with the selection of warm thermal layers.

Sustainability in style

“Sustainability in style” is our motto when you explore the warm layers. So if you need new gear to help you get through those cold runs or hilly rides, we recommend looking for a Merino wool. Merino wool is a natural and sustainable source, and the lanolin in merino wool is naturally anti-odor, antibacterial and non-allergenic.

Merino wool can basically be worn under anything such as your bike kit. Or even every day for an extra layer of warmth when it’s cold.

How to choose the merino layer that’s right for you:

For winter cycling you need some extra lighting so you can see in the dark and be seen in the night. And riding is more fun with cycling shoe covers.

Getaway for training

If everything else fails, consider booking a week or two away somewhere warmer.


As you can see, the wintertime does not have to be a time to take a step back from your exercise. Although it is beneficial to make a bit of a mental and physical break, winters in our area are long enough that you can’t afford to take the whole winter off.

Including new sports or shifting your focus to other aspects of your sport can quickly fill your time. You don’t have to stay hour upon hour on the trainer. This way, when the weather eventually starts to warm up in the spring, you’ll still be eager to get out for that first long, sunny run or ride.

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