Tips for Winter Running

Running at night is what kills me in the winters. Treadmill running (with tips we shared on another post) is a good alternative, but what if you want to go out and have some fresh air. This topic comes up every year with cooling temperatures. It is a reminder, unwelcomed, that winter is just around the corner. Even when it’s cold and dark out there, you don’t have to cut your runs. As long as you are well prepared, you can run in cold weather. Find Motivation to run in the [Read more...]

Tips for Treadmill Running

There’s often no choice but to hit the treadmill when the cold weather hits. Most of the time I’d rather run outside, even if it's cold, wet and dark. But if running paths get slippery and icy, I need to head to the treadmill. But the problem with the treadmill is, we get bored easily. And you know that when you are bored, everything seems to take twice as long! The Hamster Wheel So how to make things more interesting? After much dislike, I have finally made peace with the [Read more...]

Staying healthier at the holiday season

Happy Holidays! I suppose we are not alone with the feeling that the holidays are ill-famed for delicious food habits, and unfortunately overwhelmingly unhealthy habits. Some stuffing here, a few extra cookies there, some chocolate here. Before you know it, you have totally blocked the healthy food and exercise habits you’ve built up. You also guilt yourself into defaulting to your standard New Year’s Resolution, which is, doing something healthier. We tried to avoid that route by [Read more...]

Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming, and the training doesn't stop! But think first this: if you’ve been riding, running or swimming a lot over the summer and fall, it’s a good idea to take a break before you start preparing for the new season.So this is an excellent time to give a break to your body and mind, and if you have any injuries, this is the perfect time to heal them. We have some exercise to keep our members fit and focused over the winter. Maintaining the strength and stamina over the winter [Read more...]

The 12 benefits of weight training

Benefits of training with weights But is it really like that? What are the benefits of weight training? In the following lines you can find the answers to these questions. Reduce stress Physical training in general helps reduce stress, and weight training also does it. In addition to being an ideal way to release tensions after a long day of work, weight training relaxes us after the intense session with dumbbells or free weights. Studies suggest that this form of training increases the [Read more...]

Best Exercise to lose weight

The best exercises to lose weight are those where you spend more calories in less time such as running or swimming, but to lose weight efficiently and maintain results it is important to combine these exercises with muscle exercises that must be performed in the gym, preferably under the supervision of a personal trainer. Aerobic exercises such as walking and running increase the heart rate and burn more calories, while endurance exercises such as muscles favor muscle hypertrophy allowing an [Read more...]

Triathlon What is it and what types are there?

Are you thinking of dipping your toes into the Triathlon waters? It is one of the most beautiful and enriching sports activities, both mentally and physically. But there are many of us who don’t understand that one sport is enough. Types of triathlon according to distance traveled Classic or Olympic: 1,500 meters swimming, 40 kilometers of cycling and 10 kilometers running. Ironkid: is the category designed for the little ones. Super Sprint: As you may have imagined, with Super [Read more...]

A Hopping Good Time

Sprint Triathlon held on Sep 10th was a great success, and fun. There were a few first time triathletes that completed their first race with a smile, others who competed well and set some personal records, and lots of volunteers who helped them along the way. If you were a participant, we thank you for joining us and hope that you enjoyed the beautiful day. If you were one of the many volunteers who helped with setup and everything, we owe you a big thank you – it couldn’t have been done without [Read more...]


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