About Us

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West Side Triathlon Club (WSTC) was established in 2017 in New Jersey by a group of friends who decided that running is not enough and wanted to learn more about Triathlon. Running and general physical fitness has been the connection point of the group for years, but it was time to look for more. And we have members who don’t understand that one sport is enough.

So they wanted to be part of a team whose primary focus was not about competing but about taking part in a Triathlon and having fun along with it.

Members’ experience level: first timers in triathlon. Our goal: to complete our first Sprint.

Our mission is to serve a group of friends by offering support and motivation through contact with others, and with this website.

The aim of the club is not only working hard in training sessions, but also about being social, and spend time together. Training is more comfortable and more productive when you have collaboration and sociability!

With that goal in mind, the club coordinates training sessions, when possible, with a focus on having a social chat, a coffee with a cake, and maybe some beer.

Running in Jersey City isn’t horrific, but of course, some of us rather run on the bridle path in Central Park.

Anyway, we have some favorite places to run, like Lincoln Park (originally known as West Side Park), Liberty State Park (for nice views over to Manhattan), and Palisades Interstate Park (for cycling and longer runs and hikes on weekends). And we enjoy the vibe of Club Metro Gym. Their shake bar and healthy options are also great.